To Hoechlin Or Not To Hoechlin?


(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Ladies and Gentleman, the CW has given us our new television Superman! Clark Kent will come to life thanks to Tyler Hoechlin, a relative unknown except for that time that he starred in Teen Wolf. His casting announcement was followed by one important question: to Hoechlin or not to Hoechlin?

There is quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding this news as Smallville, which featured the last television version of Superman (also on the same network), left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans. Now Hoechlin has big boots to fill, literally, due to the great expectations many place on this role.

The swirl of comments flooding this announcement is very similar to this guy’s: 


(Photo: The CW)

Remember him? Remember how the internet broke when the world learned that this Glee cast member was being casted as the beloved Barry Allen/Flash? Now, with Grant Gustin at the helm of The Flash, it has become THE best superhero themed television show to exist and arguably, ever. Supergirl and our new Superman deserve the same chance to be great. They have found their way on a network that is now known for its comic book themed television. And yes, it is scary to give such an iconic role to someone who is unproven to most to portray the Superman character and do it justice, but as stated before, Grant took the role of Barry Allen and ran with it (no pun intended) and made it great.

Tyler Hoechlin has the tools and the look to be a good Superman on television. He definitely has the look. He is absolutely YOKED. It is an unsaid requirement that Superman has to be that way. Tyler YOKElin certainly fits the bill:


Aside from that, he has the acting ability and onscreen presence to sell both Clark Kent and Superman as men with completely different roles that share the same life. IF you have seen any Teen Wolf, there should be no doubt that he can split roles. And with the campy and lighthearted feel that Supergirl tends to have and with CW heading up production, Hoechlin has the ability to take this role under their direction and bring a character that has lacked a lot of depth and give it layers. Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen has exceeded expectations. Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen has exceeded expectations. We have to believe that the current trend of CW establishing main comic book characters will continue with Tyler Hoechlin’s interpretation of Clark Kent.

Before freaking out, let’s give Hoechlin a chance. He may just surprise us all.



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